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This Spring, Pastor Alex will be leading a Bible study entitled 1 Corinthians: Searching the Depths of God by New Testament scholar Jaime Clark-Soles. In this study, we will examine the teachings of Paul with attention to spiritual gifts, the joys and challenges of living in community, human sexuality, the logic of the cross, death, and resurrection.

This study will include lots of different learning opportunities, with group discussion at the forefront. All are welcome, and every session will be on Wednesdays at 11:00AM and 7:00PM for exactly one hour. Come at whatever time works for you! 

The sessions will be as follows (both in-person and in the Good News Center meeting room):

Wednesday, April 19 

Wednesday, April 26

Wednesday, May 3

Wednesday, May 10

Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 24

While prior reading is not required for this study, reading along in the accompanying book will be helpful. The sessions will follow along chapter by chapter. To purchase a book, come by during office hours (9:00AM-3:00PM Tuesday through Friday). If in need of a scholarship, please contact Pastor Alex at

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