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How is it with your soul? Lent is a time for reflection. During these 40 days, we typically look inward. But this also is an opportunity to look outward... How is your faith changing your community, your church, your family?

Coins for Lent is an initiative from The UMC's Discipleship Ministries, and it offers a way to look at how we touch the lives of others. The calendar identifies opportunities to drop coins into a container each day, along with a prayer on Sundays to help us look outward. The ideas use ordinary things around our homes such as number of light switches or bathrooms in our homes, or the number of jars of peanut butter in our cabinets. Alternatively, you could list the number of light switches or jars of peanut butter on the calendar and count them up at the end of Lent.

After Easter, we plan to donate any proceeds to the Solomons Mission Center (or you could donate to another charity of your choice). Instead of coins, you could write a check to Olivet UMC, with Solomons Mission Center in the memo line.

Participation is voluntary, but we invite you to join Coins for Lent. Please find the downloadable calendar below, and happy Lent!